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New Website (and a word about “No Forecast”)!

March 3, 2015 | EVB

I know we all loved the Before You Go themed website, but we felt it was finally time to move on. Our new site is inspired by the album art from “No Forecast Of Rain,” and puts our latest tracks and news front and center!

Along with the new website, we’re excited to announce that two of our EP’s, Bending the Truth and Before You Go, along with our latest single “No Forecast of Rain” are streaming on Spotify and available on pretty much all digital music websites! Now you can easily add our tracks to your Spotify playlists and take our music anywhere you go!

Also, I never gave a proper introduction of “No Forecast of Rain,” and it certainly deserves better than that! I hope by now you’ve had a chance to enjoy the track. Pat and I had a great time writing and recording it. Looking back, the events that brought this song to fruition were like dominoes falling, and neither of us knew where they would lead. It all started when we held the raffle during our Video Concert. Nazifa was lucky enough to win the first prize, which included a song written by The Soloists just for her! We had no idea how we were going to make this song happen (and nothing happened for a while).

Then, in mid 2013 Nazifa’s book Searching For a Pulse was released and Pat and I couldn’t get enough of it! We thought it might be fun to write a song based on the story of Rosemary in the book, but still the writing came slow. In October of that year, Pat was taking a trip out to SD to visit me, so I knew if we wanted to get the song recorded together we’d have to have it ready by the time he arrived. A few weeks before his arrival, I was jamming through some bluesy chords and some lyrics started to come to me! I got the first verse and the chorus ready to go, but was still stuck on the rest of the song. When Pat arrived, we read through Nazifa’s book a few more times and got the second verse together. Then, Pat finished off the song with a bridge where we could pull in some classic Soloists harmonies!

The entire song was recorded in only a few takes with minimal overdubs, with the final song really sounding like the organic track we were going for. It had been a long time since we were able to write a song and record it just like that, and I think that day was one of the most enjoyable music recording days I’ve ever had.